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John Wyman(non-registered)
I just got a copy of Stopping By The Maine Woods (3/100, 1994), and am delighted with it. Do you have other bicycle related material?
Tom Fishburn(non-registered)
Thanks so much for sharing the fanatastic white hummingbird photos!
Jeffrey White(non-registered)
Yours are the best photos I've yet seen of the white hummingbird, both aesthetically and technically capturing details that would be useful for identifying the species.
Visited site again, it was so beautiful first time, had to revisit and see what was new. LOVE your work! You're a very gifted photographer.
Cathy Foxcroft(non-registered)
Simply amazing photo's. Beautiful.
Barbra Williams(non-registered)
God truly has blessed you with a great talent!! The magnifigance and beauty that you display is awe inspiring and breath-taking. Congrats on the Least Bittern!!
Larry Williams(non-registered)
The more you add the more I look. Keep em coming. Good Stuff!
Enjoyed your waving warbler - nice web site!
Steve Rigelsky(non-registered)
You have an amazing talent, Kim! I know that your father would be proud. Looking forward to seeing more photos in the future.
Mike and Liz Lashley(non-registered)
WOW...great pictures. I found them very relaxing as I viewed. I have one of your works here in Florida....a bike propped up against a tree. It is done in Black and White. You need to come up to the UP of MI, where we have such fantastic areas of wilderness. Stay safe...and healthy.......
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